Canada Gem Realty

We believe that success in real estate comes from putting the customer’s experience first. A people-first approach highlights the care and consideration you put into every agent-client relationship. Surveys of more than 3,500 home shoppers show that they prize agents who prioritize them and their home-buying needs.

You can apply a customer-first mindset throughout the entire home-buying journey, starting with the first conversation. For example, when you engage with a new lead, try focusing on the person, not the property they contacted you about. If you’re focused on the home and it’s under contract or already sold, the conversation might end there. By focusing on building a relationship and understanding the customer’s wants and needs, you can move beyond a specific home — and guide them to other options they might love.

Whether they’re a first-time buyer or upgrading to a larger space, knowing each customer’s unique feelings and needs can help you give them a tailored experience.

First-time buyers:

Tip: Help facilitate a smooth transition by providing information about what to expect at every step.


Tip: Generate excitement and celebration as they enter the next chapter of their lives.